My approach to web design, sales, and branding is influenced by my background.

Creative writer.

I study creative writing, screenwriting, and story structure. The best movies, books and stories follow a similar narrative:

John has a problem. John has to change. John changes, solves his problem and lives happily ever after.

Pen salesman.

I’ve sold AI automation, copy machines, and imaginary pens in cliche interviews. The best way approach a sale?

You (client) have a problem. You need to make a change. I provide the change that solves your problem. Sound familiar?


An actor builds a character through questions: What’s my character’s motivation? What are his values? And his performance serves to dramatize that character.

Branding is simply a company’s character. And I approach building your brand like I’m inhabiting a character. What’s our motivation as a company? What do we value? My job is to express that character through every touchpoint I create.


Improv comedy teaches you to find the funny nugget (1st beat), focus and heighten it (2nd beat), then heighten the hell out of it (3rd beat*).

Strong copywriting and branding works the same way. You identify what a company is good at, then you focus and heighten it. 

*This plus a healthy respect for vegetables = 3rdbeet.

Simple-minded Ape.

Story and branding help make the sale. But cluttered home pages, jargon-laden slide decks, and pain-in-the-ass processes can kill it.

I hate that crap. It’s solved by empathy. By having an outsider’s perspective. I’m an outsider. And I’ll help you simplify and clarify to get out of your own way.

Ready to stand out?

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