2 Clean Dudes

A new cleaning service started by two guys with no cleaning experience.*

*I was one of them.
Scope of Work
  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Web Design
  • Sales & Marketing

The Challenge

There were dozens of cleaning companies in Hawaii and all of them said the same basic things.

“We have years of experience. We clean with care. We have great customer service.”

When everybody says the same thing it has no effect and you don’t stand out.

The Strategy

We made our “manliness” the core component of our pitch, with jokes riffing on masculinity and the supposed advantages of male cleaners. 

We replaced meaningless cliches with unapologetic humor and distinct personality and staged a photo shoot imagining manly takes on traditional cleaning.

With virtually no ad budget we posted Craigslist ads, sent emails, and texts, always including graphics and dumb humor to surprise and break the ice.

Several clients booked cleanings out of sheer curiosity and the cleaners arrived with clients who felt they already had a personal connection.

Ready to stand out?

I’ll reply within two days to chat & see if we’re a good fit.