Lazy Bandido

An ecommerce company selling handwoven Nicaraguan hammocks

Scope of Work
  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Sales Strategy

The Challenge

The web was littered with hammock companies with cheaper hammocks and larger selections. However, most focused on the quality, price, or large selection of hammocks. Imagery tended to all be the same bland stock photos of palm trees, beaches and other signs of relaxation.

The Insight

We noticed that in the US hard work and discipline are seen as an immutable law and laziness and relaxation are frowned upon. 

In Nicaragua, life is full of obstacles to relaxation too; poverty, lack of jobs, a long history of political corruption and revolutions. Plus a shitload of volcanoes. Yet despite all this, Nicaraguans take naps in their hammocks pretty much daily.

It almost seemed like an act of rebellion. 

The Strategy

So we created a brand that treated naps as a form of rebellion against the laws of (in the US) a culture focused on hard work and discipline. We created taglines such as “Nap Like An Outlaw!” and “To hell with hard work, nap boldly!

Rather than focus on a large selection and low prices. We created six distinct hammock designs based on archetypal characters from Latin American history and lore, using the Spanish names to emphasize authenticity. Prices were set high and quality was implied by highlighting Nicaragua’s 500 year history of weaving hammocks by hand. 

Ready to stand out?

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